How My Small Business Will Bounce Back in 2011

As a small business owner, times have been tough these past few years. But I have great optimism for the coming year.

I believe that 2011 will see the emergence of amazing new trends that will work to advance my company and my own personal mission.

The Green ABC’s for Kids was built on the premise that kids are great motivators. And, since kids are such great motivators, it would be a given that once exposed to the vocabulary of sustainable concepts they would inform their parents on a daily basis to recycle, go to farmers markets, and turn off those vampire appliances!

The Green ABC’s has a great foundation and now we seek to advance our products and ideas into the world. The emerging trends such as urbanization, where local comes first, and eco-superior attitudes where consumers are wising up and realizing that lots of green washing claims are being made can only help the Green ABC’s mission.

Because we seek to localize our sustainable message and throw our message into the future by utilizing that consumer segment that is the futures best messenger- the power of the kid!

Green ABC's for Kids.

How will I do this?

Our first step is to produce a series of programs recorded live at Access Fort Wayne where we will host a panel of four local kids along with those people from our Fort Wayne community who are involved in alternative transportation, the local food movement, clean water/rivers, recycling, natural habitat conservation, and energy savings tips.

That is the mission of the Green ABC’s for Kids!

However, my personal mission is to bring my community together by using sustainability as a central connector. The Green ABC’s for Kids is a concrete beginning- but there is much more on the way.

I will recover from the recession by removing the obstacles that stand in the way of my success by:

  • Removing the clutter and recycling, restoring or reusing what’s good.
  • Advance my business for the good of myself and my community
  • Keep healthy and involved with family and friends- so that I will be raring to go when our good times appear again.

Ideas are wonderful things. They burn bright as they first appear on the horizon, but without execution they are like falling stars that vanish from sight.

That is why a new year is so wonderful. It allows us all to begin again to implement great ideas. How will I recover from the recession? By carrying on, helping others to prosper, and injecting good, sustainable ideas into the heads of kids, and make them tomorrows business leaders.

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