Unique Small Business Idea: An Upscale Taxi Service

Do you have the dream of working for yourself? Of course, to do this successfully you need a business idea that will bring in enough revenue to support your lifestyle. You would also want to select a business that you enjoy as you’ll be spending a great deal of time growing your business. Here’s a unique, small business idea that may appeal to you if you enjoy cars and interacting with people.

You’re obviously already familiar with the concept of the taxi. Taxis are an important form of transportation in many large cities where there are tourists and city dwellers who don’t own their own car. The typical taxi cab is a low budget car that’s functional but not particularly impressive to look at. Riding in one of these standard taxicabs is not always the most comfortable experience either. The seats tend to be too hard and the cab too cramped. Not exactly an experience you’ll remember fondly – and might make you hate business.

Taxi service.

The idea behind this unique, small business idea is to start a small cab company where the drivers drive luxury taxis such as BMW’s, Lexus, and Mercedes sedans. To make the experience of riding in your taxicabs even more luxurious, your cabs would have heated seats and television screens in the back. As an alternative to television, you could have relaxing, new age music playing in the background to make your customer’s ride more enjoyable. You could even have a bottle of cold spring water on ice in the back to ease your customer’s parched throat on summer days. There’s no doubt your luxury taxi service would be a welcome break from the standard taxi ride.

You could market your luxury cab service to business people who want to travel in style, and to wealthy, well heeled clients, and tourists who are on vacation. Many people are hesitant to take taxis because of the negative connotation associated with riding in a small cramped car that’s not always as clean as it should be. Of course, your luxury taxicabs will be spotless.

To market your unique, small business, you could use yellow page ads emphasizing how your taxi service is different as well as network with upscale hotels in the cities where you’re located. Word of mouth would bring additional business very quickly, helping to keep your advertising costs down.

Who knows? With a little planning and marketing, you may be able to take this unique, small business idea to a variety of cities or even franchise it. It’s a business with an endless potential for growth.

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