Us, You and What We Can Do Together

 Mark Landowski

Chris Blackman founded ASVP in 2003 after twenty-two years in corporate general management and five years of strategic consulting to some of Australia’s largest companies.

A skilled workshop facilitator, Chris leads organisations through the strategic, business, organisational and marketing planning maze, and helps teams translate their plans into action programs that are executable manageable, measurable and effective. For larger projects, ASVP will bring together a specialist team of qualified consulting partners with experience relevant to your organisational needs.

Strategic Planning is a core competency

True. In most organisations strategic planning is handled well. As you would expect it should be, after all, you know your own business.

What isn’t handled well is Execution.

In fact 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategy1. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

One of the fundamental reasons for failing to execute is the organisation has no execution framework.

What does your execution framework look like?

Good results don’t just happen. Your key strategic objectives are delivered through proper execution of a range of input activities to ensure outcomes – and results – that meet your goals and objectives.

How can you tell if the execution is working?
More to the point: Will you get any warning, if it’s not?

Measure. Analyse. Manage. Optimise.

ASVP Group works with your team to develop an execution framework that suits the way your organisation works.

We help your team define strategic measures from your existing strategy, and use those measures to provide your management team with a way to check the strategy is being executed to keep the organisation on track.

Strategic measures can be developed to be useful on whatever time interval is appropriate to your organisation.

As a very simple example:

Your strategy to create revenue of $150M per annum through one business unit means your sales group should be bringing in orders at the rate of, say, $3M per week.

ASVP can create for you a set of strategic measures relating to order intake, call conversion, sales call rates, telephone appointment or calling cycle rates, and so on.

These measures can be analysed by your management team weekly, daily or even in real time if the information is available from your systems.

If trends start to emerge that indicate corrective action is required, your team is in command of the situation and can bring resources to bear quickly and decisively to address the situation.

Sounds better than waiting until some time after the financial period closes, only to discover the results are unfavourable, doesn’t it? Learn more about incorporating today.